Ekn On TV: Das Gleiche in Grün: Sneaker

In the recent episode of "Das Gleiche in Grün", a German TV show about sustainability, host Donya Farahani explores the topic of eco-friendly sneakers. For her research she visited us in Frankfurt to talk to our CEO Noel and Creative Director Marek about how we at ekn develop sneakers, that are as sustainable as possible.


During Donya´s visit in our showroom in Frankfurt, Noel explains how his love for skateboarding got him into shoes and how after working for German eco fashion brand hessnatur, he set out to create sneakers that are stylish and highly sustainable at the same time.


Over the course of the following talk with Marek they discuss the limitation of materials, which comes from our high requirements towards material quality. We find this challenge especially exciting. In addition, new vegan materials like the frottee lining of our Daisy or the fake lambskin, that is shown in the report, have a much higher appeal for us.


Donya and Marek also talk about the topic of durability. Since this is a very important feature for us, we make sure that our shoes are built with excellent workmanship to last especially long. Our models are also made to be resoled, so a worn out shoe can still have a second life.

We are very happy to be part of this report and to show the viewers, that sustainable sneakers can be just as exciting and stylish as mass produced shoes.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE EPISODE! (The report is only available in German)