Ekn Kamthala among the 10 best creative projects in Germany


Almost a year after the release of the Larch Kamthala, we can now proudly look back on a number of prizes and honorable mentions. The great success of the shoe at various award ceremonies of the creative industry has now even led to the project making it to 8th place in the German ranking of all major campaigns. We are thrilled that our appeal to the fashion industry was met with such a positive response and that we were able to make a contribution to more equality and creative exchange.

After all, the Larch Kamthala is the most ambitious collaboration we have ever realized. Driven by the important message we want to convey with this project, everyone involved gave it their absolute best and remained undeterred by setbacks. The result is a sneaker and a campaign that specifically question the privileged attitude of the Western fashion industry while offering an innovative approach to a solution.