Making music with mushrooms


Who knew mushrooms could be so musical? Trained biologist Tarun Nayar has devised a technique that uses the electrical signals generated by mushrooms to create a unique form of music. 

Nayar connects small jump cables to the mushrooms to capture their bioelectric pulses. These are then amplified and processed through a variety of modular synthesizers to produce sounds, that can be manipulated and combined. His technique not only produces fascinating compositions but also demonstrates how living organisms can become creative tools.

Tarun Nayar‘s work, which he creates under the name Modern Biology, offers a new perspective on the relationship between humans and nature. It offers the opportunity to engage with the natural world in a way that is not exploitative, but focuses on developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for living organisms.

We are not only amazed by the listening experience, but also by the philosophy behind Nayar‘s work: He believes that staying connected with nature can help people overcome emotional struggles and hopes that his music, and art in general, will make it easier for people to understand the problems our planet is facing, inspiring them to make a change.