Retro futurism in movies


Retrofuturism is a recurring theme in our sneakers and a great influence on our design process. But how can it be described? The explanation is actually in the term itself - the image of the future that prevailed in the past and how we look at it from today‘s perspective.
The medium of film probably captures the diversity of retrofuturistic visions best. That‘s why we asked our creative director Marek, an avid film lover, to name his three favorite films on the subject:


Brazil (1985) from Terry Gilliam
„With its captivating ugliness and exaggerated scaling of dimensions that turns rooms full of filing cabinets into temples, Brazil creates a dystopian vision about class and meritocracy. Being a member of Monty Python, Terry Gilliam brings a similarly absurd humor to this movie.“


Akira (1988) from Katsuhiro Otomo
„This legendary anime is an adaptation of the cult manga of the same name. Set in Neo-Tokyo, it shows us a very exciting version of the future with stunning images and animations. Full of amazing graphics, colors and interfaces, it creates its own unique vibe, reminiscent of Blade Runner, only much more colorful.“


Existenz (1999) from David Cronenberg
„A movie about escapism and reality with some weird Cronenbergish practical effects. With its plot centered around a videogame whose device is a living organism, it offers a stark view on entertainment and technology. Brought to life and underlined by an amazing set design, Existenz creates a crazy dystopian world.“