Wolfgang Laib - one with nature, one with self

Every work of art has an individual meaning for the viewer, from purely decorative to deeply moving it can evoke all kinds of emotions. That‘s why we love discovering new artists, as it also inspires us to be creative ourselves and develop new ideas. And since it‘s always more fun to experience things together, we‘d like to share some of our current favourites with you.


Left: Pollen from Hazelnut, 1992, Right: Rice House, 1988

First up is Wolfgang Laib, an artist known for his deliberate and ritualistic approach to his work. His minimalist artworks are created using natural materials like beeswax, wood, stone, rice, and flower pollen which he transforms into poetic and deeply moving pieces of art.


Crossing the River, 2009

Devoted to eternal cycles of creation and decay, he collects flower pollen for years before meticulously spreading it in the halls of an exhibition space. Similar to a monk‘s dedication to ritual and repetition, his artistic philosophy revolves around the repetitive nature of his work with pieces like wax pyramidal sculptures, marble houses, and polished marble plates being reproduced again and again.


Left: Untitled, 2009, Right: Towers of Silence, 2019-2022

Wolfgang Laib‘s is a stark contrast to today‘s fast-paced world, as he refuses to prioritize efficiency and speed. In doing so he inspires mindfulness and respect for nature, reflecting his deep philosophical roots, including studies in Sanskrit and extensive travels in Asia.


Left:Brahmanda, 2014–2021, Untitled, 2015, Right: Rice Field, 2019

Laib‘s work not only serves as a commentary on our exploitation of natural resources but also as a potential tool for positive change that reminds us to slow down, explore and reflect.